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Fine Dining Experience

Where food becomes more art than nourishment

We like to think that all of our meal occasions are fine eating experiences. But our fine dining lunches and suppers take this to a whole new level of food complexity and staff service.

Take a look at the menu example below, this has been created from recent events so we know the dishes work. Or send us details of meals you have seen somewhere or eaten before. 

Amuse Bouche

Lobster Mousseline with Caviar & Chive Butter Sauce


Wild Mushroom Tea with Cheddar Cheese & Almond Straws

Fish Course

Grilled Turbot with Fennel Puree & Caramelised Seville Orange

Main Course

French Trimmed Rack of Welsh Lamb with a Hazelnut & Pink Pepper Crust. Spiced Port Reduction.


Chocolate Rum Raisin Fondant, Saffron Shortbread & Redcurrants

West Country Cheeses with Quince Jelly

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