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Welcome to Food 4 You


Food 4 You has been helping people with their events for well over 25 years and we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the most respected and sought after caterers in the region. We work with individuals, charities and businesses small and large providing them with wonderful catering and drink for limitless occasions. We boast great expertise in weddings, functions, parties, corporate and large agricultural shows.

Our Food
Quality, locality, and sustainability are the key ingredients in the food that we provide. Of course it has to look good and taste great but it also has to be responsibly sourced. Our suppliers are, wherever possible, based in Somerset, Devon, Dorset or Cornwall. Why look further afield when there is so much on our doorstep? We do source some great produce from further afield such as Mediterranean fruits & vegetables simply because of seasonality, choice and quality.


Food Safety
Food 4 You takes food safety very seriously, which is why we are registered with Taunton Deane and The Food Standards Agency. We are proud to have achieved the maximum 5 stars in all of our kitchens and venues. You can check the results of food inspections on the FSA website.
Your event food will be prepared in our prep kitchen and taken to your event location for cooking and final presentation. Our vehicles are refrigerated and modern, this means you can be sure that not only will your food look and taste great, it will have been prepared and delivered with approved systems and procedures. 
Food safety is is vitally important especially in warm summer months. That is why Food 4 You is proud to have been inspected and has the maximum award for safety, procedures, systems and hygiene.

Our People

Hospitality is a people business. And if your business is providing people with memorable food and drink then trusting the people you deal with is vital. Food 4 You is led by founder and Managing Director Dawn Griffin. Dawn has a working lifetime in food, drinks and event planning and she is all you need to make your event dreams an unforgettable reality. 

She will be your first pint of contact and will give you great advice with service and honesty. Its hard to imagine an event we haven't done before and this huge experience is your peace of mind.



Working with Dawn is General Manager Keith Hartland and a whole team of skilled and dedicated chefs and front of house staff. We get many great testimonials about our food, but we get even more about our staff. You can take our word for it, we have wonderful people, but take a look at our testimonials and hopefully you will soon find out for yourself!

The Food 4 You process.

Some of the people we deal with are event professionals, but many are not. So whoever you are and whatever you want we promise to be efficient and professional and we will keep the process clear and easy. Step one is we need to know what you want, where you want it and on what date. If you just have rough ideas don't worry, we can talk through these and give you some great suggestions. We will give you a clear and simple price. No complicated stuff, no small print and certainly no nonsense. If nothing changes the price won't change. If you make alterations to the plan this may cost more, but it may not. If there is a price increase we will tell you what it is and why it's necessary. We will ask for a deposit to secure the date. And the first steps of your amazing experience are complete!

Pasta and Wine
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